Yunzi double convex C

Yunzi double convex C

The name "Yunzi" means "stones to play game go, produced in the province of Yunnan" (Yun = Yunnan, zi = stones), or simply "go game stones from Yunnan". Yunzi are cast by hand from the glass mass, according to an old and secret recipe. They are widely appreciated for excellent quality and elegance. White Yunzi are reminiscent of jade white, while black is the depth of agate. Eye-catching colors, despite the contrast, do not tire your eyes.

Placed in front of the source of light, they are slightly shining, while the "blacks" observed in this way give the impression of dark green. Yunzi are durable, their beauty and quality can last for years.

substance: yunzi, 180 white + 181 black stones

style: double convex (modern shape)

size: about 21 x 8 mm

weight of the set: approx. 2.0 kg

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